Trusted Bingo Sites

As you all know we at enjoy giving great advice to players about sites are worth going to play on. However, since we are only a small site of enthusiasts writing whenever we can, we realise we are a bit limited in what information we can regularly provide. Fortunately though we can advise you on a couple of sites which we recommend taking a look at for trustworthy and up to date information.


WhichBingo has been around for over 10 years now, and is regularly rated as one of the best bingo portals in the UK. It is the only site to keep a regularly updated and fully comprehensive list of all the bingo sites available in the UK. The other great feature of this site are the over 7,000 independent player reviews, so you quickly gain a lot of knowledge about how good a site is before you play there.

 FreeBingo UK

FreeBingo UK, or otherwise known by the players and website readers as FreeBingo or Free Bingo too, is also a fantastic bingo portal to visit. The main defining feature of this site is the free bingo games available to anyone over 18 all day every day! Here you can win all sorts of random cool prizes, from DVD’s to tablets, Kindles and other cool tech. Or just a few mugs and t-shirts if that takes your fancy. 

The site also has it’s own directory of bingo sites, all be it a lot smaller than WhichBingo’s one. here you will find a select list of the best bingo sites out there to play.


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