A Fierce Review of Fierce Bingo

fierce bingo gay website

Let’s get one thing straight (no pun intended), I’m not a fan of Fierce Bingo.

At first glance Fierce Bingo is the “first and only online bingo site designed exclusively for gay and lesbian players, where people can meet other like-minded individuals in a fun, lively, prejudice-free, monitored chat room”.

However, delve past the rainbows, drag queens and cliché gay marketing speak, Fierce Bingo fails to deliver on their promises of being exclusively for gays.

For a start, the site is just another Dragonfish skin, which means once you’ve joined and go into the games, you are playing with every other site on the network, and chatting to players who haven’t joined up at Fierce and are therefore highly likely not to be gay.

If you are gay and expect to go into the chat and speak to other gay players, you may find yourself barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.

The site itself is very well designed for a Dragonfish skin, it certainly looks the part, but reading into some of the marketing speak on the pages it becomes obvious that whoever made this site picked up the Big Gay Book of Gay Words at their local library before writing it.

fierce coming out

The whole site, and their marketing on social media, just screams of straight people pretending to be gay.

I’m also concerned that the site claims to donate some profits to LGBT charities, but fails to mention who those charities are or how much money they may donate to them. I would strongly suspect this is not going to happen, or if it does, the amount will be insignificant as I cannot see this site doing well and lasting in the long term.

At the end of the day, the site is claiming to be exclusively for gay players, but it cannot promise that when it is part of a network. It is not a closed community and gay players will realise this when they join.

The best review I have seen so far is from a genuine gay bingo player, luckyirishkeith, who had this to say at WhichBingo:

“As a gay bingo player I was disappointed at what Fierce Bingo had to offer. The chat rooms aren’t individual to the specific site, they are linked, so really the chat ain’t about the “gay world” it’s a mix of complete garbage or nothing overly interesting. If the site really wanted to aim the site towards the gay community surely the chat would have been individual and for the “gay player”. I wouldn’t go back to play here – far from my kind of site.”

I would love to hear what other gay bingo players think about Fierce Bingo. Please let us know.

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Dotty Bingo at it like Rabbits

dotty bingo rabbit

Dotty Bingo are due to launch a series of TV adverts featuring Keith from the office dressed up as a giant pink rabbit.

According to production company ABF, they “knocked the spots off” Dotty Bingo when they came up with the idea for their new ads.

Here’s the full description of the new Dotty Bingo advert from ABF:

“Brian (played by that guy from the office) and his lovely wife Dorothy are an unlikely couple that make the mundane ridiculous. The priceless advice given to Dorothy by her good friends at Dotty Bingo causes some on screen discomfort as the weather worn Brian becomes close to losing it.”

“Look out for the dogs..”

I am quite interested to see how this advert plays out.

It certainly looks like it will be stepping away from some of the online bingo clichés you find like women jumping about in slow motion celebrating a win.

Have you seen the Dotty Bingo adverts? Let us know what you think.

*UPDATE* Here are all the videos together, courtesy of WhichBingo

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Bingo Hollywood Android App is Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…

I’ve commented many times recently about the race for online bingo sites to go mobile, and to develop smartphone apps so players can access their games on the move.

Some sites choose the route of having a ‘native app’ which is an app which can be found in an app store.

This option is best for consumers, as it is easy to find and users know these apps are well regulated by the app stores in question.

For online bingo providers it does add a layer of cost and red tape in terms of making changes to the app in the future. Every change has to be approved before it goes live.

One way around this is to either make a web app outside of the app stores, and this is exactly what Bingo Hollywood have chosen to do.

However, it does add an extra layer of complexity for users in terms of getting the actual app installed on their phone.

Just take a look at this tutorial video from Bingo Hollywood which explains how to install their new android app.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…

Nice sofa.

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Clucky Bingo – What the Cluck?

It never ceases to amaze me how online bingo companies can literally take any word in the dictionary, add the word bingo to it, and create a new online bingo site.

WhichBingo have today reported that ‘Clucky Bingo’ is going to open this year, but other than a Facebook page which has 2 likes and a bunch of chicken videos, the details are a bit sketchy.

Following a bit of investigation I’ve since discovered that the owners of Clucky Bingo are in fact Loquax, who own Loquax Bingo, Prize Bingo and Bingo House – all on the Dragonfish network.

This latest site in their portfolio is going to appear on the 15 Network, which is no surprise as all the latest new sites have been springing up on this platform lately.

There is still nothing doing on the URL CluckyBingo.com or .co.uk, so for now we can only guess what will be in store.

One thing is for sure though, is that if it’s on 15 Network, there will definitely be a ‘Spin the Wheel’ new player offer.

I don’t really know what to think about all these new sites popping up on 15 network.

I mean, it’s good that the network is gathering pace and adding more brands to their stable, but none so far have really offered anything different from the last.

I wish that something genuinely new and innovative would come into the market, but I won’t be holding my breath with this latest one.

Here’s betting the tagline will be something like “Get Lucky with Clucky”.

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Lucky Pants Drop Their Freebies

Having ridden the wave of their initial launch and TV ad campaign, it seems that Lucky Pants Bingo are now settling down to normal bingo life by dropping their free no deposit offer for new players.

Rather than getting free bingo tickets and free slot spins when you join, it’s now a deposit offer so you’ll have to part with some cash before you get your lucky pants bingo fix.

It’s hardly ground breaking news but there you go. All sites go through these stages of fluctuating promotions.

Free money offers are great for getting huge numbers of registrations, but the quality as far as sites are concerned is how many go on to become depositing players.

Removing a free money offer and having a deposit focused offer instead will have a big effect on the number of registrations a site gets, but at least those who do are going to part with some cash on the way in.

So if you fancy trying on some lucky pants, you’ll now get £30 free when you deposit £10, which is still pretty good.

Go fetch your lucky pants…

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