Clucky Bingo Hatches with a dig a Foxy Bingo

Back in April I reported on the upcoming launch of Clucky Bingo, and today it seems the site has finally hatched.

Clucky Bingo is the 10th site to launch on the fledgling 15 Network.

Look beyond the cartoon chicken coop design and you’ll see all the usual mechanics and offers such as the £20 free (really a 200% deposit bonus) and a ‘spin-the-wheel’ for an extra bonus between £5 – £2,500 guaranteed.

BTW – If anyone ever sees someone get more than a tenner on one of these wheels, let me know, as I’m very sceptical anyone ever gets anywhere near £2,500. If they did, I would shudder to think what the withdrawal rules would be on that!

Anyway, there is one thing I quite like about the site – the subtle dig at Foxy Bingo in the top left.


One thing I’ve also spotted, is a YouTube video which claims to be an ‘audition’ for a TV ad, which is nothing more than a man dressed as a chicken dancing around for a minute.

Clearly the folks who run this website are familiar with the Fiverr website where you can pay $5 to get an idiot to prance about on camera. :)

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