A Fierce Review of Fierce Bingo

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Let’s get one thing straight (no pun intended), I’m not a fan of Fierce Bingo.

At first glance Fierce Bingo is the “first and only online bingo site designed exclusively for gay and lesbian players, where people can meet other like-minded individuals in a fun, lively, prejudice-free, monitored chat room”.

However, delve past the rainbows, drag queens and cliché gay marketing speak, Fierce Bingo fails to deliver on their promises of being exclusively for gays.

For a start, the site is just another Dragonfish skin, which means once you’ve joined and go into the games, you are playing with every other site on the network, and chatting to players who haven’t joined up at Fierce and are therefore highly likely not to be gay.

If you are gay and expect to go into the chat and speak to other gay players, you may find yourself barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.

The site itself is very well designed for a Dragonfish skin, it certainly looks the part, but reading into some of the marketing speak on the pages it becomes obvious that whoever made this site picked up the Big Gay Book of Gay Words at their local library before writing it.

fierce coming out

The whole site, and their marketing on social media, just screams of straight people pretending to be gay.

I’m also concerned that the site claims to donate some profits to LGBT charities, but fails to mention who those charities are or how much money they may donate to them. I would strongly suspect this is not going to happen, or if it does, the amount will be insignificant as I cannot see this site doing well and lasting in the long term.

At the end of the day, the site is claiming to be exclusively for gay players, but it cannot promise that when it is part of a network. It is not a closed community and gay players will realise this when they join.

The best review I have seen so far is from a genuine gay bingo player, luckyirishkeith, who had this to say at WhichBingo:

“As a gay bingo player I was disappointed at what Fierce Bingo had to offer. The chat rooms aren’t individual to the specific site, they are linked, so really the chat ain’t about the “gay world” it’s a mix of complete garbage or nothing overly interesting. If the site really wanted to aim the site towards the gay community surely the chat would have been individual and for the “gay player”. I wouldn’t go back to play here – far from my kind of site.”

I would love to hear what other gay bingo players think about Fierce Bingo. Please let us know.

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