Clucky Bingo – What the Cluck?

It never ceases to amaze me how online bingo companies can literally take any word in the dictionary, add the word bingo to it, and create a new online bingo site.

WhichBingo have today reported that ‘Clucky Bingo’ is going to open this year, but other than a Facebook page which has 2 likes and a bunch of chicken videos, the details are a bit sketchy.

Following a bit of investigation I’ve since discovered that the owners of Clucky Bingo are in fact Loquax, who own Loquax Bingo, Prize Bingo and Bingo House – all on the Dragonfish network.

This latest site in their portfolio is going to appear on the 15 Network, which is no surprise as all the latest new sites have been springing up on this platform lately.

There is still nothing doing on the URL or, so for now we can only guess what will be in store.

One thing is for sure though, is that if it’s on 15 Network, there will definitely be a ‘Spin the Wheel’ new player offer.

I don’t really know what to think about all these new sites popping up on 15 network.

I mean, it’s good that the network is gathering pace and adding more brands to their stable, but none so far have really offered anything different from the last.

I wish that something genuinely new and innovative would come into the market, but I won’t be holding my breath with this latest one.

Here’s betting the tagline will be something like “Get Lucky with Clucky”.

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