Foxy Bingo Super League Rugby Deal

foxy bingo super league rugbyRugby Super League fans across the country are today reacting to news that Foxy Bingo has been announced as their ‘official bingo partner’.

A three year deal was announced today by Super League Commerical Director James Mercer, who said,

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Foxy Bingo on board as an official partner of Super League for the next three years. We look forward to working closely with Foxy Bingo and to developing a partnership which will enhance our successful brands.”

Twitter Over-Reaction

Upon hearing the news, twitter users almost went into meltdown at the thought that Foxy Bingo was actually the full sponsor of the entire Super League, rather than just a new sponsor.

Some of the reactions on twitter were quite funny to read. Here are a few choice selections:

@SuperLeague: We’re delighted to announce that Foxy Bingo, the UK’s top online bingo site, will become the competition’s official bingo partner in 2013

@holaconstance: Foxy bingo? This has got to be a joke?

@djbirchy: When did we play Bingo at Super League games #Foxy

@pushir0n: Engage Super League, Stobart Super League, Foxy Bingo Super League…somehow it just doesn’t sound right

@thetankerking: Foxy bingo super league fuck off pleasw

@Jamie_Bate: SL have got to be kidding with this Foxy Bingo announcement ? It’s the most annoying ad on tele, I can just see the Purple fox as a mascot

@Lfcsaintfan: Foxy Bingo Super League? It sounds like a Ladies bingo club

@Claire_journo: Foxy Bingo will become SuperLeague’s official bingo partner in 2013,..hope all those rugby blokes have got their dobbers! #rugbyleague

@Graeme_baum: Foxy bingo super league? Am I reading right?

@Hollie_fev12: Foxy Bingo super league?! Looooooooooooooool

@JohnnyGordon6: The Foxy Bingo Super League? Fucking hell.

@BCAFCBH: Foxy Bingo Super League. Fuck off.

@Aaron1smith: Hahahaha FOXY BINGO sponsoring the super league!! Is our sport that

@JohnnyGordon6: Don’t Foxy Bingo sponsor Jeremy Kyle?

@GooGooDoll88: Foxy Bingo Super League?!! Oh god!! Instead of raising the profile of the game, they’re making it an embarrassment!!

@mojitos65: Hahaha.. Super League has an official bingo partner.. I repeat.. An. Official. Bingo. Partner……. Foxy Bingo…. Hahaha

@tinsoldier01: Foxy Bingo!! Whoever’s responsible for this deal wants hunting down and shooting…… I’ll get my coat. bad!!

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