Heath L’Estrange’s Strange Bingo Ad

Earlier this year I reported about the sponsorship deal between Rugby Super League and Foxy Bingo.

Plenty of eyebrows were raised at the time from rugby fans, who have since vented their anger over spurious tie-ins such as the ‘Foxy Bingo Coin Toss’ before each game.

However, for me I can see how the deal is taking shape and evolving, and I must now admit it seems like a great coup for Foxy, right on target market and they’re making a real effort to engage with clubs and fans to maximise their exposure.

Foxy Bingo have built a dedicated Super League page on their website, which now features a video from Bradford Bulls captain Heath L’Estrange, doing his very best at trying to pretend he plays and loves Foxy Bingo.

If you are a Bradford Bulls fan, you may want to look away now. CRINGE!

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