Why Every Bingo Complaint Should Be Taken Seriously

One thing I am starting to see more of in the online bingo industry, is players complaining about how difficult it can be withdrawing from certain sites.

The Complaint…

One such complaint was made by Gemma Scott, who had joined ComfyBingo.com, deposited £10 and then went on to win £80. As she saw it, the minimum withdrawal amount at ComfyBingo.com was £30 so she should be able to withdraw those winnings easy enough. Not so.

When Gemma went to make a withdrawal, she was told she could not withdraw anything until she had deposited a minimum of £25. OK, she thought, I just deposit another £15 and then I can withdraw my winnings. Not so.

You see, Gemma then discovered that at ComfyBingo.com you cannot actually make a deposit if your cash balance is over £60. So as she had £80 in her account it meant she had to lose £20 before she could deposit the £15 required to let her withdraw.

Gemma decided to do just that, as withdrawing £60 would still be a good prize amount to take away, but when she wagered £20 on a slot game to get her down to the required amount, she actually won another £75!

So at this point she spoke with Live Chat, who basically told her the rules again, and that she would need to get her balance down to £60, make a deposit of £15, before she could withdraw. So she eventually did this, and finally withdrew £59, which if you take off the £25 she deposited to get that, amounts to a profit of £34.

Oh what’s that in the Google Results?

Now, you could say that the bingo site is happy here because they had a player who at one point had over £150 cash in her account, but who only managed to walk away with £34.

However, what they wouldn’t have counted on is how one bad review posted on Gemma’s blog site, ThrifyNifty.org, could very quickly shoot up the Google Rankings for the search term ‘Comfy Bingo’.

Her post, Review of Comfy Bingo – next to impossible to withdraw any winnings! currently ranks 3rd in Google for ‘Comfy Bingo’ and 1st for ‘Comfy Bingo Reviews’.

This is what people see in Google:

comfy bingo SERP fail

Comfy Bingo must be absolutely sick of this appearing in their search results, especially as they’re just the white label owner, and all the T&C’s and support handling has been done by the network.

Those terms and how they’ve responded to Gemma could have had a huge effect on the Comfy brand – only they will know how this one complaint has affected their conversion rates from Google search.

If I was Comfy Bingo, I would have contacted Gemma at the earliest opportunity to apologise and offer her all the money she should have been able to withdraw in the first place, if not for the daft withdrawal rules. This may have gone some way to allow Gemma to either update her blog with more positive comments, or remove it completely.

However, judging by her post update in September 2013, Comfy Bingo did contact her, and while she comments that the Comfy Bingo rep didn’t speak in a threatening tone, she found the fact he knew her home address and telephone number to be a bit disconcerting. Legal action was also threatened, which was all enough to prompt Gemma to call the police for advice.

Bingo Sites Need to Wake Up

This example is one of the most extreme I’ve seen yet of how rubbish withdrawal terms can come back to bite site hard, but it should not be ignored.

There are two comments to Gemma’s posts sharing similar issues, and one which says they didn’t join Comfy on the back of her review. So in that example alone it has cost Comfy a potential new depositing player.

The online bingo industry, in particular the big networks who offer these white label sites, needs to wake up and make their terms more fair for players, as in the long run all they are doing is driving players away from their sites.

Players who have problems with a site will tell their friends, either in person, on social networks, or in this instance on a blog that could damage your rankings – so you should do everything you can to sort out their problems.

Brand owners need to be pressuring the network providers to change their T&C’s to make withdrawals fairer and easier for players. I know from my own experience that if a site is easy to withdraw from, I do withdraw, but I usually end up coming back again and again because I know I can trust the site.

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Bingo Sites With No Wagering Requirements

One of my biggest groans about online bingo is when you join a new bingo site because of an amazing offer, but then you get stung by some massive wagering requirement.

So for example, a site says “Deposit £10 and get £40 free” but then when you do, you get told you’ve got to wager x8 before you can withdraw any winnings.

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘wagering’, this essentially means you have to play 8 times the amount of money+bonus you have received. So in this example, it would mean you need to spend £400 on bingo tickets before you can withdraw any winnings.

Some times the wagering isn’t so bad, sometimes it is just the deposit amount you have to wager, so that would bring it down to £80 play before you can withdraw – but either way it is still ridiculous.

Sites Without Wagering Rules

Believe it or not, there are a handful of bingo sites out there who have NO WAGERING REQUIREMENT at all on their deposit bonuses.

I know, staggering but true.

This means if you join those sites, deposit bonus and receive a bonus, you can straight up withdraw whatever you win, without any fuss (some sites may still have a minimum withdrawal amount though).

Here are the sites who advertise themselves as no wagering required.

There are some other sites with whom you’ll get no wagering requirement but only if you choose not to accept their bonus money offer.

For me, I always refuse the bonus money at bingo sites if given the option to do so, as you can (almost) always bet there will be some daft wagering attached.

The worst I’ve seen to date is at Bingo.com who have a x30 wagering requirement.


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Heath L’Estrange’s Strange Bingo Ad

Earlier this year I reported about the sponsorship deal between Rugby Super League and Foxy Bingo.

Plenty of eyebrows were raised at the time from rugby fans, who have since vented their anger over spurious tie-ins such as the ‘Foxy Bingo Coin Toss’ before each game.

However, for me I can see how the deal is taking shape and evolving, and I must now admit it seems like a great coup for Foxy, right on target market and they’re making a real effort to engage with clubs and fans to maximise their exposure.

Foxy Bingo have built a dedicated Super League page on their website, which now features a video from Bradford Bulls captain Heath L’Estrange, doing his very best at trying to pretend he plays and loves Foxy Bingo.

If you are a Bradford Bulls fan, you may want to look away now. CRINGE!

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Are there too many online bingo sites?

You can’t watch any length of TV these days without some form of bingo advert popping up on screen.

It’s not just the frequency, but the variety of different sites that is most revealing. There just seems to be no end of online bingo sites out there.

But just how many are there in total? Is this number growing, and at what point does it become too many?

How many bingo sites are there?

It is difficult to quantify precisely how many bingo sites exist, as most bingo information websites will only list a selection of sites – i.e. the ones that they will earn a commission from if someone signs up.

However, there is one site that claims to list EVERY bingo site in it’s vast directory – Which Bingo.

Go to their directory page and you’ll find their bingo site search box, where you can type in a site name or scroll through the entire list.

Which Bingo Site Finder

I counted the number of sites in this list and it came to a staggering 359 bingo sites in total!

Huge choice – not much variety

Now while the choice of different sites is staggeringly huge, the actual difference between those sites isn’t as big as you may expect.

This is down to the variety of bingo software used on those sites.

There are only a handful of sites who have their own unique software, such as market leader tombola, and the rest are reliant on software providers – of which there are less than 20 different options, and all of which provide games to multiple brands.

All this means is that when you join a new site, what you play when you get into the games may be something you’ve seen before, and in the case of networked sites it may even be the very same game with the same players, just skinned to look slightly different.

The new sites con

What we’ve reached now is a point where the market is highly saturated and new brands who enter the market have very little to differentiate themselves from the rest.

What is happening more and more is that new sites are being launched with little long term planning, but instead to capitalise on the novelty of being new, grabbing those first deposits and then eventually losing players over time as they realise that site isn’t as different as they first thought.

You’ll see new sites opening up, claiming to be something special or unique, when in fact they are just another carbon copy site on a network, that has simply thought of a wacky new name and given the homepage a fancy paint job (see Fierce Bingo).


I think the short answer to the question of whether or not there are too many bingo sites would be yes.

However, there is still room in the market for something truly different to come along and grab some considerable market share.

Unfortunately the cost of quickly launching a new site on a network like Dragonfish is so cheap, that it is more compelling for operators to continue to churn out new brands at little cost and effort, rather than invest in something completely new.

M8tes Bingo and Wonder Bingo were two genuinely independent, unique and innovative bingo sites who launched to huge acclaim, and then crashed spectacularly within a year as they ran out of capital.

Personally these sites were really good, and the software made them stand out and offer something different. But the sheer costs involved in building and maintaining your own bingo software proved too much and it was very hard for these start-ups to turn a profit.

I don’t forsee an end to new bingo sites entering the market, but we’ve certainly gone far past the line in terms of seeing anything genuinely different in the future.

The only innovation I forsee will come from the established big brands.

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Clucky Bingo Hatches with a dig a Foxy Bingo

Back in April I reported on the upcoming launch of Clucky Bingo, and today it seems the site has finally hatched.

Clucky Bingo is the 10th site to launch on the fledgling 15 Network.

Look beyond the cartoon chicken coop design and you’ll see all the usual mechanics and offers such as the £20 free (really a 200% deposit bonus) and a ‘spin-the-wheel’ for an extra bonus between £5 – £2,500 guaranteed.

BTW – If anyone ever sees someone get more than a tenner on one of these wheels, let me know, as I’m very sceptical anyone ever gets anywhere near £2,500. If they did, I would shudder to think what the withdrawal rules would be on that!

Anyway, there is one thing I quite like about the site – the subtle dig at Foxy Bingo in the top left.


One thing I’ve also spotted, is a YouTube video which claims to be an ‘audition’ for a TV ad, which is nothing more than a man dressed as a chicken dancing around for a minute.

Clearly the folks who run this website are familiar with the Fiverr website where you can pay $5 to get an idiot to prance about on camera. :)

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